HandsPEC consists of  highly experienced professionals with significant experience working both in the UK, across Europe and internationally. PEC packaging expertise covers:

• Supplier management
• Cost reduction and optimisation
• Packaging specification (including product damage reduction)
• Supply chain
• Packaging legislation / codes of practice / best practice and related developments.
• Sustainability

The most fundamental skill of PEC members is in the gathering, understanding and analysis of numerical and factual data. This has covered many fields including , legislation, government policy, financial data, emerging technologies, supply chain operations and manufacturing. PEC supplements client studies with its own research on sustainability.


The PEC Partnership Limited provides market leading packaging expertise, with particular focus on ‘The Three Pillars of Sustainability‘:

1. The Environment

2. Social Equity

3. Optimisation in the Supply Chain

PEC targets a wide customer base. Clients have included FMCG companies, packaging converters, packaging industry organisations and government funded organisations.

We believe PEC offers competitive rates for the skill base provided. PEC prides itself on being able to provide a broad expertise base to customers that other consultancies find difficult to match. This broad expertise base means that projects can be quickly set up and progressed without any compromise in quality.


PEC Partnership,
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KT21 9BN
United Kingdom

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