PEC can help you to:

Research and analyse the packaging sustainability issues impacting your business.

Turn that analysis into strategies that will cut cost whilst aligning your packaging with the three pillars of sustainability.

Packaging Environmental Legislation

PEC has global expertise in environmental matters related to packaging for example:

  • Compiling data on packaging for a major FMCG company to meet the producer responsibility aspects of packaging legislation.
  • Monitoring developments in the European Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive and related legislation and lobbying on behalf of industry.
  • Strategic research and analysis of developments in global legislation.


We are leading thinkers on packaging and sustainability, we generate:

  • Corporate packaging and environment policy including developments in life cycle thinking legislation, policy developments, emerging technology and impact potential.
  • Strategic and operational advice to FMCG companies

Supply Management (Buying)

PEC has extensive European and Global experience in strategic supply management (buying):

  • Global Supply Management data collection, analysis, strategy formulation and implementation for a company with an annual spend in excess of €300 million.
  • Advising on strategies to change procurement behaviour.
  • Assessing and selecting suppliers for both their financial soundness and manufacturing competence and negotiating commercial terms for European and Global supplies.
  • Working with suppliers on continuous improvement actions wherever waste occurred to reduce or eliminate that waste, in particular using the relevant parts of TPM.
  • The maintenance of key supplier technical and commercial contacts with the purpose of identifying, analysing and developing new technologies globally.
  • Formal study visits, reports and proposals.

Specification and Manufacturing Projects

The PEC has extensive experience of the management of major projects concerning packaging for detergents, personal care and food products:

  • Specification and installation of two in house packaging manufacturing facilities in China.
  • Specification of systems and technologies for primary, secondary and tertiary packaging solutions including retail-ready packaging for the grocery supermarket sector;
  • Development of the first large scale high speed thin wall IML technology for packaging

International Experience

Work carried out and projects managed by directors of the consultancy have been international in scope, covering:

  • Europe,
  • North and South America
  • Asia

The directors of PEC are regularly accustomed to interacting in depth with members of national and European parliaments, the European Commission, board members of major companies, NGOs, senior civil servants and trade organisations.

Studies and Guidance Documents

  • Environmental Packaging Guide for a major FMCG company
  • Packaging Guidelines for Demonstrating Compliance to the Essential Requirements legislation for a major FMCG company
  • Consultant for the ECR Europe/EUROPEN Sustainability Guide
  • Consultant for the ECR Europe Anti-Shrink Packaging report
  • Recyclability by Design publication for RECOUP
  • European Shopping Basket Program for EUROPEN/Invensys
  • Monthly global packaging environmental development reports for a major FMCG company
  • International Packaging Technology Study for WRAP
  • Innovation in the Japanese market
  • Innovation in the US market

Supply Chain Operations

We have an in-depth understanding of how and where damage occurs in the distribution chain seeking out and analysing forms of damage and determining the major causes and solutions:

  • Studies of the complete supply chain of major European retailers recording practices at each stage in the chain and feeding through into specification and design of packaging to better withstand the distribution process.
  • Packaging labelling and in-store communication including RFID technology, monitoring labels, marking and coding
  • Specification of in-store merchandising and retail friendly packaging
  • Pros and cons of returnable and one way systems

Data Analysis

The most fundamental skill of PEC is in the gathering, understanding and analysis of numerical and qualitative data:

  • Modelling of global supply chains for the most economic manufacturing strategy, cost modelling of product portfolios and manufacturing models,
  • Experimental modelling within projects
  • Environmental modelling.

Conferences and Training

PEC consultants have considerable experience of organising in-house and open training courses on packaging, for example:

  • Internal training courses for a major global FMCG company
  • Course Director of the joint JUNAC (Andean Community of Nations) / European Community packaging training course in Bogota Colombia
  • Waste minimisation training and awareness
  • Speaking at major international conferences
  • Chairing the inaugural China International Packaging Conference organised by the China Packaging Technology Association
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