We publish several industry analysis documents each year.  An archive of our research can be found below in chronological order.

Food Contact Report  In 2012, PEC Partnership, in collaboration with the European Carton Makers Association, produced a      summary of food contact packaging legislation for sixty eight countries across the world. This report covers  both paper and plastics, providing a summary matrix  overview per country together with supporting  information. The report shows for each country covered: 1 The government ministry or competent  authority responsible for the legislation with contact details. 2 The formal title(s) of the relevant legislation and regulations. 3 The general requirements of the legislation. 4 The specific requirements of the legislation. 5 Testing required and test methods. 6 Any information available on competent testing bodies or a source through which to identify such bodies. 7  Sources of information and clarification.

This publication is now out of date and hence is no longer available.


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This document has been produced to complement the Global Food Contact Packaging Legislation report (see above) .  It provides a skeleton road map to help companies to identify and address the key questions to be considered in complying with relevant packaging food contact legislation.

The roadmap proposes companies address compliance aspects in the stepwise approach detailed in this document: –  Understand pack sourcing and packed product, usage & markets.  –  Understand relevant legislation and controls. Obtaining this information then allows the appropriate compliance to be identified and addressed.

This low cost roadmap report is optimized for reading in electronic format and is available for purchase. Click here for more information about the roadmap and also how to order.


RbD2  Previous work has included developing versions 1 and 2 of the plastic Recyclability by Design guidelines for   Recoup in the UK. For most up to date version, please  Click here  to take you to the Recyclability  by Design page on the Recoup  website.


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