Environmental factors

• Developments in legislation
• Policy developments
• Emerging technology
• Potential impacts



Social factors

• Ethical supply chain
• Waste minimisation
• Social impacts



Economic factors

• Sustainable buying strategy
• System cost analysis
• Buying advice and assistance
• Cost optimisation

A common definition of Sustainability is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. For a company to be successful in today’s socio-economic climate it is important that they progress on a path towards sustainable development otherwise they will lose society’s ‘permission to operate’.

Sustainability has three dimensions: economic, environmental and social, the so-called triple bottom line for businesses trying to make their businesses more sustainable.

The economic pillar is one traditionally addressed by businesses. Clearly unless a company is profitable, it cannot hope to be sustainable. This aspect includes looking at cost optimisation in the supply chain and PEC has considerable expertise to offer in this area.

The environmental pillar considers all the environmental impacts associated with the product across the whole life cycle (of which packaging is a part). These include impacts from raw materials selected, product manufacture, product distribution, product use and finally waste recovery/disposal. PEC has wide experience in helping Companies assess their packaging’s contribution to sustainability and how that might be improved /optimised.

The social pillar requires that companies address the wider social aspects related to their business. This dimension is has not been given the same attention within Business since the benefits are less tangible. Nonetheless more and more employment, health and safety, links with local communities …etc are being built into business processes. PEC can also provide help in ensuring social equity.

Any business wishing to succeed in today’s market needs to find a way of being profitable while at the same time improving the environmental performance of their product and operating in a socially acceptable way. PEC provides a one stop shop to help guide companies with the difficult task of trying to optimise the balance of these three dimensions along the path to sustainability.

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