The PEC Partnership is a company, bringing together three highly knowledgeable and experienced international experts from the field of packaging. Each member of the group individually has extensive complimentary global experience of packaging as CSR / sustainability leader, technical manager or buyer in major companies in FMCG or packaging manufacture. The partnership offers over 75 years experience in these areas including fifteen years of experience in consulting for international companies and organisations The expertise of the company is based on packaging with a particular focus on the three pillars of sustainability, the environment, social equity and cost optimisation in the supply chain for FMCG packaging.

What do we do?

• Conduct specialised research
• Monitor emerging trends
• Generate specialised analysis
• Provide operational and strategic advice
• Provide specialised training
• Carry out packaging cost reduction
• Provide expertise on recycling

How we work

• Listen
• Discuss
• Assess
• Research & Evaluate
• Report
• Monitor
• Appraise and Continually Advise

Please see our Project  Experience page for examples and results.

PEC Partnership,
PO Box 160,
KT21 9BN
United Kingdom

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